Zelda x Evan Litter  Born  December 18,2012


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Shillelagh's Burlesque 



Zelda's Pedigree


MultipleChampion Producer  

ASSA Award of Merit Winner
Multiple Specialty Show Winner
Best In Show Winner     


Ch. Sandance Ardastra













Evan's Pedigree 

2nd place Stud Dog class ASSA Nationals 2010.



There are moments you remember all your life. This is one of those moments....Yentl

Zelda whelped 5 beautiful boy puppies on December 18, 2012. Unfortunately 2 of the boys did not survive. 3 healthy boys are now in their forever homes.

"Thanks" Zelda and Evan for the Experience

Because they required so much attention as tiny babies it is more difficult to let this litter go

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Liam (Gus) and John                                                                                         Quincy (Flickr) and Dick 













                                               Quincy with grandson Nathan



                                                                                                                                Collage of Liam sent by his new 'people'                                                                     


'Shillelagh's Ticket to Ride' (Stewie) will be growing out here at Shillelagh. Watch for him in the rings this summer. 

Picture Soon




January 26th, 2013 -Puppies are 5-weeks old

     Sadly, we are transitioning from the puppy box to individual crates.



                                                                                                     The boys all love to be outside and Stewie is attracted to the big ball.








       Discovery is the order of the day. "Hey...look guys. You can see out the back side!"











Formula only at bedtime now. Lots of grown up food.



January 8th, 2013 -Puppies are 3-weeks old

They are walking and beginning to play; They have full sets of teeth; They respond to human voices and love to be held and tickled



This is Howard (now we're calling him Gus because he is bigger than the others). He is about a week ahead of the others in development as well. Doing everything first. More coordinated and figuring out things quickly. He will be beautiful and smart but perhaps a bit larger. Time will tell. He has a great personality but likes to bark.



Flicker is the middle dog. Not quite as quick or bright as Gus. But he is the one that keeps getting out of the puppy box. He is a watcher. Likes to sit and watch the activity. But very sweet. He whimpers like a little baby when he is upset.  


Little Stewie

Little Stewie remains our littlest angel. He has a little less white on his muzzle than the others. He is a scrappy little thing. Always the first to find a nursing spot. Edging out bigger Gus and Flicker. He is the only puppy that objects to laying on his back in your lap. So I'm guessing this little guy will have a big personality.

Here they are on one of their first outings from their box. Mom wasn't certain she liked having them loose.


December 31st, 2012-Puppies are almost 2-weeks "Happy New Year"

                                                                                               Howard with his arm around Stewart                        Little Sheldon is very laid-back

December 30th, 2012-Puppies are 13 days old

Stewart in front/Howard middle/Sheldon back (I think!)

Puppies nursing 11-days-old



PUPPY #1 "Sheldon"  - Boy born 2:00 am  (See birth video below)











PUPPY #3 "Howard" - Boy born 3:30 am

PUPPY #5 "Stewart"  - Boy born 5:10 am























































































































































































































































































































































































































































Progeny will be.....

Inbreeding: 20.38%

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