Date of Birth: 12/19/2010    Female    Bi-Blue

Sire: Faerie's Shillelagh Law CDX PT NA NAJ

Dam: Halcyon Jumpin' A Jig RN PT AX AXJ NF

Inbreeding: 4.71%

Inbred/linebred (calculated on 10 generations) on:

Faerie's Shillelagh Law CDX PT NA NAJ Sandyisle No Rhyme Or ReasonAm Ch MACH2 Sandyisle No Rhyme Or Reason HSAs AXP MJP NF VCX Shadow Hill's Leading EdgeAm Ch Shadow Hill's Leading Edge OA OAJ Sugar Hill's Heart BreakerAm Ch Sugar Hill's Heart Breaker ROMC
Shadow Hill's Satin DollAm Ch Shadow Hill's Satin Doll ROM
Shadow Hill's AlexandraShadow Hill's Alexandra Grandhill Clearsky Hi FlyerAm Can Ch Grandhill Clearsky Hi Flyer
Shadow Hill's Opening NightsShadow Hill's Opening Nights ROM
Wildrose Faerie TaleHC Wildrose Faerie Tale AX AXJ Wildrose Highland TributeBISS Am Ch Wildrose Highland Tribute CD PT OA VCX ROM-P Glenwood By-Golly ImagesGlenwood By-Golly Images
Fireside Bi N BiFireside Bi N Bi
Taylormade Crystal AngelAm Ch Taylormade Crystal Angel Crystalove NitroglycerinAm Ch Crystalove Nitroglycerin PT MX MXJ VCX
Crystalove Bouncin Black MagicCrystalove Bouncin Black Magic OA
Halcyon Jumpin' A JigHalcyon Jumpin' A Jig RN PT AX AXJ NF Aberdale Halcyon WindwalkerAm Ch Aberdale Halcyon Windwalker HSAs HSBs HIAds HXAs AX AXJ VCX Imperial Aberdale Bold ImageBPISS Can Ch Imperial Aberdale Bold Image CGN ROMC Imperial's Final AssaultCan Ch Imperial's Final Assault
Mountaintops Daytime DreamerCan Ch Mountaintops Daytime Dreamer
Sushines Aberdale Silver BellsCan Ch Sushines Aberdale Silver Bells ROMC Dundee Clint BlackCan Ch Dundee Clint Black
Sushines Sparkles In BlueCan Ch Sushines Sparkles In Blue
Halcyon Paint The SkyMACH3 Halcyon Paint The Sky, Am pts RN HSAs Krentel Attention To DetailAm Ch Krentel Attention To Detail Tall Timber Far Out FriscoAm Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM ROMC
Krentel Ashes To AshesAm Ch Krentel Ashes To Ashes
Skyward Climb Every MountainSkyward Climb Every Mountain HSAs HTAd MX MXJ ROM-P Skyward Tall Timber AmistadCan Ch Skyward Tall Timber Amistad
Kyrie Private DancerKyrie Private Dancer
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